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The "True Life" Poet

"Living Books"

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Book IV 

expounds upon why Greek Mythology is more than fantasy & "Story" telling & why multiple Goddesses make perfect sense?

"Of Love" is multiple love as in the "Art of Loves," or "Aces of Loves."

Love has always been plural, but seen as a single entity.

The plurality of love requires an evidentiary fact of which "Equational Poetry" provides via the goddess of "True Love 💕" materialized from within the "Black Hill's Time Capsule 'Story.'"

The confusion & conflict come in because God is perceived as love & there is only a single God, which is true.

God is pure love but there does exist multiple loves of less purity, but love none the same &

"True Love 💕" does exist, beneath God's pure love ❤️ 

-- "Equational Poetry" analysis of "Cycle" verse "Circle ⭕️."

Women recognize the attitude, actions & behavior of a man in love, but since women possess little to no understanding of the "Essence 'Of Love,'" the women simply use the man's "Inner State of Being" ("Self"), to their advantage.

If a woman is successful in capturing her prey, the man's "Inner State of Being" ("Self") is comforted, but not complete, while she gains temporary elation in victory.

If a woman is unsuccessful in capturing her prey, the man's "Inner State of Being" ("Self") moves from "Discomfort to Pain," while she gains temporary elation in victory.

In either case, a woman appears to win, while the man loses.

["Can't Live with them; Can't Live Without them."].

This relationship or lack there of phenomenon brings the women encouragement & a sense of control & well being, thus, the women's attitude, actions & behavior are perpetuated.

However, in regards to the lack of understanding of both men & women concerning the "Essence 'Of Love,'" neither the men nor the women win & in fact, the women are more the losers because they are the


"Perpetrator of Cycle," instead of "Promoter of Circle ⭕️."


-- "Equational Poetry" analysis of "Cycle" verse "Circle ⭕️."

It's time to break the "Cycle." -- Book IV & Book V.

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